INKBIRD 220V Kitchen Culinary Appliance WIFI Sous Vide Slow Cooker Sturdy Immersion Circulator or Vacuum Sealer/Electric Blender

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INKBIRD 220V Kitchen Culinary Appliance WIFI Sous Vide Slow Cooker Sturdy Immersion Circulator Vacuum Sealer Electric Blender

EU PLUG: 220V 50 Hz

What’s Sous Vide?—-Simple cooking technique that produces pro-level and ingenious results.

Sous vide, which comes from “under vacuum” in French, pertinent to the process of vacuum-sealing food in a bag, then cooking it to a very precise temperature in a water bath. Via those culinary method, it helps maintain the texture,nurtient and the taste of the meat. Those amazing cooking method helps you cook like a pro for every meal.
Sous vide cooking is much easier than you might think, and usually involved three simple steps:

1. Attach your precision cooker to a pot of water and set the time and temperature according to your desired level of doneness.

2. Put your food in a sealable bag and clip it to the side of the pot.

3. Finish by searing, grilling, or broiling the food to add a crispy, golden exterior layer.

What is the Difference between Two Types of Sous Vide?

Highlights for Sous Vide:

✅ Smart Phone Connection and Pre-setting Recipes—Download the InkBird Pro app for free and connect the Sous Vide to a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network, then you could set and monitor the Sous Vide on your phone. We have prepared some recipes in the app and the personalized customization recipe is now available.

✅ Accurate Timer and Stable Temperature Control—Customed Timer Setting can precisely calculate the cooking time prevents from being overdone. With the alarm setting, It will sound alarm when the current temperature reaches the target temperature. To protect the device, the cooker will stop working and alarm when the water level is lower than the minimum scale line.

✅ 1000W Powerful Immersion Circulator—The precision cooker has adopted stainless steel column and high-end fast heating element. The 1000Watt cooker is powerful enough to heat up the water to the set temperature quickly and it will perfectly maintain the temperature for an extended period of time.

✅ Plug and Play— Easy to use. Fix the Sous Vide to your pot with the clamp, fill the pot with water, seal the food in a bag and put it into the pot, set the food to the exact temperature, then you can get perfect doneness you desire.

✅ 12-Month Warranty.

Specifications for Sous Vide:

●Heating Power:1000W

●Length of the Cable:1.2m

●Readable LCD: (W)36mm*(L)42mm ,128*128 Dot Matrix LCD

●Temperature Controlling Range: For ISV-100W–77°F~210°F (25ºC~99ºC ); For ISV-200W:32℉~194℉(0℃~90℃)

●Temperature Accuracy:0.1℃(1°F )

●Range of Time Setting:Max 99 hours 59 minutes

●Time Setting Minimum Interval:1 minute

●Directional Pump: 360 Degree heating

Highlights for Vacuum Sealer:

✅ Dry&Moist Sealing Modes:The vacuum sealer provides 2 vacuuming modes for different kinds of food, it helps handle the frozen food and shorten the food-processing time. Press the stop button to stop vacuuming at any time and this will make it easier to control the vacuuming time according to the food type.

✅ 5X Longer Preservation:The vacuum sealer removes air from bags and seals them to keep foods fresh and extend the shelf life of them. The vacuum preservation time is 5 times the ordinary preservation.

✅ Built-in Cutter:Customize a desired bag with the built-in cutter easily. Fits up to 12” width sealer bags and rolls.

✅ Wide Application&Simple Operation:The vacuum sealer is easy to use and clean, simply vacuums and seals your food and other small staffs that you want to keep from oxidation. The -80kPa strong suction sealer makes it quickly to vacuum food and keep them fresh for a longer time.

Specifications for Vacuum Sealer:

●Size: 382*104*62mm / 15.04in*4.09in*2.44in

●Net Weight: 1.05kg / 37.04oz

●Sealing Time: 8-12 Seconds

●Vac/Seal Time: 10-20 Seconds

●Vacuum Level: -80kPa

●Package Contents: Vacuum Sealer*1 ; Air Suction Hose*1 ; 8″x12″ Sealer Bag*5 ; 8″x79″ Bag Roll* 1 ; User Manual*1

Highlights for Grinder:

✔ Easy Cleaning&Convenient Storage—The Detachable design make it super easyto clean and store, you can put some attachments in your dish washer directly and don’t need to prepare a huge place for the storage, the attachments can be stored in different areas according to your habits.

✔ 500W High-Power—The strong power blender can mix food in seconds with the stainless steel blades, and the adjustable speed levels are ideal for different foods like smoothies, juices, soups and sauces.

✔ BPA Free Attachments—Comes with a 600ml beaker, a 500ml grinder and a stainless egg whisk, adopted food grade raw material, saves a lot of time on making smoothies, juices, baby food etc,providesa fastand excellent cooking experience.

✔ Excellent Experience—Anti-Slip design, can be controlled with one hand easily, saves your time and brings you a good mood.

Specifications for Grinder:

● Power: 500W Hand Blender

● Blending Speed: 6 Levels

● Package Contents: Immersion Hand Blender*1 ; Egg Whisk*1 ; 500ml Chopper*1 ; 600ml Beaker*1 ; User Manual*1

Additional information

Weight 1.600 kg
Dimensions 44 × 12 × 10 in
Brand Name


Power (W)


Voltage (V)






Outer Pot Material

Stainless steel



Capacity (Quart)





Digital Timer Control

Control Mode

Microcomputer Control

Time to market


Lid Material


Model Number




Input Power

220V 50Hz

Temperature Controlling Range

77F-210F / 25C~99C

Temperature Accuracy

0.1℃/1°F Sous Vide

Sous Vide Time Setting

Max 99 hours 59 minutes

Sous Vide Time Interval

Minimum Interval: 1 minute

Capacity for Sous Vide

15L for Sous Vide

WIFI Frequency for Sous Vide


Sealing Time for Sealer

8-12 Seconds Vacuum Sealer

Vac/Seal Time for Sealer

10-20 Seconds Vacuum Sealer

Vacuum Level for Sealer


Warranty Policy for All

12 Months Warranty

4 reviews for INKBIRD 220V Kitchen Culinary Appliance WIFI Sous Vide Slow Cooker Sturdy Immersion Circulator or Vacuum Sealer/Electric Blender

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    Everything is fine. Delivery fast.

    Color: ISV-200W (220V) Ships From: Russian Federation Plug Type: EU

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    Good quality product, am satisfied

    Color: Vacuum Sealer (220V) Ships From: China Plug Type: EU

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    best value for money runner (said by an anova owner).
    This is my secondary runner, i must say it is not falling short from Anova, much better value for my money

    Color: ISV-200W (220V) Ships From: China Plug Type: EU

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    Color: ISV-200W (220V) Ships From: Russian Federation Plug Type: EU

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