K2 Dash Cam 4K 2160P Car Mirror Video Recording Carplay & Android Auto Wireless Connection 5G WiFi GPS Navigation Dashboard DVRs




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Note: Android Auto is only available with Android version 10 or above, and for Huawei phones do not support Android Auto

Starting from May 8, 2023, OBDPEAK K2 will be upgraded again, adding Bluetooth audio transmission function and optimizing the Android Auto UI interface; Some machines may not have been updated yet, you can contact us to obtain the latest version for a better experience!

Front 4K 2160P + Rear 1080P Record

10.26 Inch ultra wide-angle full view touch screen, capturing license plates, road signs, and other critical details on the road. Very clear and smooth images display as like a stream flowing on the excellent WDR and auto adjusting brightness streaming mirror. Supports simultaneous 1:1 display of front and rear cameras.

Latest Carplay and Android Auto Features

The OBDPEAK K2 recorder uses the latest technology, supports Carplay and Android Auto functions, users can easily and safely make calls, listen to music, send and receive messages, use navigation, support Siri, and more. (Wireless Connections, via BT or WiFi)

New upgrade: Wired+Wireless Android Auto

K2 supports wired and wireless Android Auto, which can adapt to more mobile phone models, enabling you to use mobile phone functions intelligently and safely when driving the vehicle. (USB cable not included)

In Carplay mode, support Siri voice assistant, free hands, and get a better driving experience.

In Carplay mode, the DVR can realize the navigation function, and you can directly wake up the voice assistant and say your destination, it will help you plan your route, which is more convenient and safe for your drive.

GPS Tracking

After connecting the GPS module, the DVR will display the speed, and record the speed, coordinates, and track. Dedicated player, more detailed playback display. You can view your speed, coordinates, track in detail. (need to purchase GPS antenna version)

5G Hz Hight-Speed WiFi

Equipped with built-in WiFi, it can be connected to a mobile phone, you can preview real-time images to view historical records and quickly download pictures. With the latest 5G Hz technology, the video transmission speed will be faster and smoother than the traditional 2.4G Hz.

FM Transmitter&Bluetooth&AUX Connection

Build in multi chip audio output mode, wireless Bluetooth or FM output or wired AUX audio output can be selected, and high fidelity audio output can be retained, we give free AUX cable

New upgrade: Mirror Link
Support Airplay / Android Wireless Mirror

In-app video download & real-time viewing

You can control the DVR by connected mobile phone via WiFi, like recording video, the file recorded video from the overwriting, taking photo, playback preview, parameter settings, etc.

Two modes

1. When you are not connected to your mobile phone, K2 is a streaming dash cam, with dual lens to record your driving dynamics in all aspects.
2. When you connect your phone and start CarPlay/Android Auto, K2 is a smart dash cam that provides more functions and enriches your driving experience.

Full screen reversing

24H Parking Cable

24H parking cable allows you to connect dash cam to a vehicle battery source, get constant power supply from the battery directly, so your car DVR will keep work even when ignition is off. (Additional purchase of Type-C hardware cable is required.)

Q: Can the system version be upgraded? How to obtain the latest version?

A: We will continue to upgrade the version. You can contact online customer service or follow the OBDPEAK official website to obtain the latest version

Q: How to use the latest version of Bluetooth audio output?

A: Click on FM Settings on the homepage>>>Select BT

[Note: After selecting BT, the FM/AUX/SPK above will become invalid]

After selecting BT, use the phone connected to Carplay/Android Auto to connect to the vehicle’s Bluetooth to achieve sound synchronization

Q: What mobile phone can I use Carplay/android Auto?

A: IPhone 6 or above on Apple phones

Android mobile system version Android 10 or above

For Huawei phones cannot be used

Q: Why is there no sound on the device?

A: There are three audio output modes: SPK (device’s own speaker)/FM transmitter/AUX. The device will only emit sound when SPK mode is selected. If FM/AUX is selected, the device will not emit sound.

Q: How to keep the time from resetting after restarting?

A: Open the time and date settings, first set the correct time zone (you can search your local time zone on Google), then adjust the correct time, and finally click “Confirm”.

Q: How to change the mirror effect of the rear camera?

A: Open the settings, click on ‘Rear camera Mirror’, and choose to turn it on or off

Q: What is the function of the GPS module?

A: After inserting the GPS module and successfully connecting the GPS to the satellite, the DVR will display the speed. When playing a video through a designated program on the computer, it will display speed, coordinates, and map.

Q: How to automatically restart a problem to solve it

Answer: Most automatic restart issues are caused by the power supply or mini SD card. Please gradually try the solution:

1. Use the charger included in the packaging to connect to the power supply, or try using a 3A charger to connect to the power supply.

If step 1 does not work, please use another mini card

If steps 1 and 2 do not work, please contact the seller and provide a video.

Q: How to choose a good Micro SD card for the OBDPEAK dash cam?

A: 4K resolution requires a high standard Micro SD card, while Micro SD cards require U1 and Class 10 standard storage cards. Please ensure that your Micro SD card has the U1 and Class 10 logos on it.

Additional information

Brand Name


Frames Per Second



Mainland China

Chipset Manufacturer


Assembly Mode

Rearview Mirror

View angle


Number Of Lenses


Screen Ratio



AV-In, bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Micro SD/TF, Type-C,

Video Code


Original Package


Camera Resolution


Special Features

G-sensor, Digital Zoom, SD/MMC Card, With Rearview Mirror, Anti Surge Voltage Impact, waterproof, Anti Fog, Anti Vibration, Automatic White Balance, Wide Dynamic Range, Wifi Function, bluetooth

Video Format


Touch Screen


Item Type


GPS logger




Display Size

10.26 inch,



Memory Card Required Reding Speed

Class 10

Imaging Sensor


OSD Language

Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), English, French, German, ITALIAN, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian, Spanish



Rear Camera




Max External Memory





Support, wireless

Android Auto

Support, wireless

4K Rear View Mirror

Auto Video DVR Recorder

Dual Lens Car Registrar

Rearview Car DVR Camera

Front Camera

UHD 4K 3840*2160P

Rear View Camera


Front and Rear Camera

1:1 display

Parking Line

in reverse gearreverse gear

24H Parking Monitoring

Need buy hardwire

Loop Recording

Automatically overwrite old files

Super Night Vision


5G Wifi

Connect Phone APP



FM transmitter function



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