New Sonic Electric Toothbrush USB Rechargeable Toothbrush Washable Whitening Relax Teeth Brush 6-Speed With 4 Soft Brush Heads

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Acoustic Wave Electric Toothbrush Sonic Tooth Brush Ultrasonic Brush Teeth Whitening Teethbrush Children’s & Adults Toothbrushs
This product is equipped with a 600mah lithium battery. After a full charge, it can provide a 60-day (2 months) brushing cycle for 2 minutes each morning and evening.
The handle adopts imported PVC high-end pearl paint process.
42000 times/min high frequency vibration;
IPX7 waterproof, can be cleaned in the pool;
DuPont brush head imported from Germany ensures safe and harmless entrance.
Constant brushing up and down 5MM:
In line with the concept of brushing up and down recommended by dentists, maintaining a scientific up and down brushing mode can not only completely remove dead corners between teeth and other oral corners, but also help relieve gum pain and bleeding gums.
Two-minute smart timer:
2 minutes of brushing time, the oral cavity is divided into 4 areas for balanced cleaning, and a short pause every 30 seconds to prompt the change of zones to ensure scientific and effective brushing time.
100G constant brushing strength:
Efficient cleaning without harming tooth enamel. The dentist pointed out that long-term brushing power will damage the gums and tooth surface enamel. This electric toothbrush can effectively control the brushing force of 100G, cleaning and protecting teeth.
6 net tooth modes:
Novice mode: 28,000 vibrations per minute. Suitable for sensitive persons and first-time users.
Gentle mode: 30,000 vibrations per minute. Can brush off the residual foam on the teeth, suitable for second brushing.
Cleaning mode: 33000 times/minute sonic vibration. Drive the fluid flow in the oral cavity and quickly reduce the growth of bacteria in the oral cavity.
Bright white mode: 36000 times/min sonic vibration. It can shake the plaque, calculus, and tartar on the teeth until they fall off.
Polishing mode: 42000 times/min sonic vibration. Through the high-frequency vibration of sound waves, the surface of the teeth is polished to brighten and smooth.
Massage mode: 280,000~36,000 times/minute of sonic vibration. Through sound wave frequency conversion vibration, massage care of gums.

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Weight 0.200 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in


Commodity Quality Certification


Age Group


Item Type

Electric Toothbrush


Acoustic Wave

Model Number

X3 Sonic Toothbrush





Item name1

Sonic Toothbrush

Item name2

Electric Toothbrush


Pink, Black, White

Charging method


Product Name

Sonic Electric ToothBrush




Sonic toothbrush


electric brush


electric toothbrush




auto brush toothbrush


brush ultrasonic

4 reviews for New Sonic Electric Toothbrush USB Rechargeable Toothbrush Washable Whitening Relax Teeth Brush 6-Speed With 4 Soft Brush Heads

  1. P***a

    I like it more than i thought i would. Cleans very well and remove more dirt than regular brush, i fell teeth cleaner than before.
    Satisfied so far.

    Color: Black Toothbrush Ships From: China

  2. S***r

    Kefka funguje AKO has, and prijemne vibruje v mouth

    Color: White Toothbrush Ships From: China

  3. L***o

    Color: Black Toothbrush Ships From: China

  4. G***i

    Color: Black Toothbrush Ships From: China

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