P6 Outdoor mobile car display car P6 outdoor full color led screen manufacturers moving Video Surveillance CCTV Monitor Display

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P6 Outdoor mobile car display car P6 outdoor full color led screen manufacturers moving LED Displays Video Surveillance CCTV Monitor Display

Product Type: MSD300 Send card
Input resolution: up to 1920 × 1200,2048 × 1152,2560 × 960 (width, height can be customized)
Load capacity: 1.3 million pixels
Supply voltage: 5V
Control mode: USB interface control
Video Interface: DVI
Audio interface: 3.5mm audio interface
Video formats: RGB
Output interface: dual Ethernet ports
Video source bit depth: 8bit

Product Type: Display MRV330 receiving card

1) Integrated 12 standard HUB75 interfaces, Free pick HUB;
2) Single card output RGB data 24 groups;
3) Single-cassette contained pixels 256 × 226;
4) Support profile readback;
5) support program replication;
6) Support temperature monitoring.
7) Support Network line communication state detection;
8) Support the supply voltage detection;
9) Support high gray high refresh;
10) supported by the lighting color correction, and every single lamp has a bright correction coefficient;
11) Supports receiving card stored picture settings;
12) in line with EU

Product Name: Giant Albert 5V40A Slim Power

Input voltage: 100-120 / 200-240Vac, 47-63Hz

Protection: Input over-voltage, overload, short circuit protection
Output power: 104-200W
Working temperature: -30 ~ + 60
Power factor: 0.50@230Vac
Storage temperature: -40 ~ + 100
Insulation Voltage: I / P-O / P: 3.0KVac
Safety Standards: GB4943, EN60950
I / P-FG: 1.5KVac; O / P-FG: 0.5KVac
Product Certification: UL
Leakage current: 0.30mA@230Vac
Cooling: Self-cooling

Size: 168.5 × 79.5 × 30.5

Functional video, text, pictures play

Classification and application of LED display
1: P10, P16, P20 color, P25, in which P10 is the most common, used for door advertising.
2 color: P10, P16, P20, P25, and display red green yellow three colors, for door advertising and wall advertising.
3 indoor dot matrix: 5 single color, 3.75 single color, 3 single color. For interior information, bank interest rates, the airport traffic information station, electronic Kanban workshop etc..
The 4 door color (colorful): P10, P13.3, P16, P20. Can add color colorful screen door
5: P10, P7.62 indoor full color, P6, P5, P4, P3, P2.5, P1.9 for indoor video image
6: P6, P7, outdoor full color P8, P10, P16, P20, P25, P31.25 for outdoor video image

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