Vaydeer Dual Turntable Mouse Mover with Adjustable Intervals and ON/Off Switch, Undetectable & Noiseless Mouse Jiggler Simulates


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【Twin Mover】Starviky dual turntable undetectable mouse jiggler uses a mix-physical design. When using It, the up-and-down turntable run together at the best speed, which ensures the mouse fits on it completely at 360 degrees, so as to simulate mouse movement. Due to the different friction forces at different positions of the mouse, a more realistic moving trajectory is generated. It uses more comprehensive physical contact with the mouse to drive the mouse to move more randomly different from other mouse jiggler devices implanted with mouse programs.

【Trajectory Rando】Starviky dual turntable mouse mover Make it happens–Both turntables rotate in opposite directions at the same time. Each turntable will also change direction after one turn. The dual mechanism operates to ensure a completely free and random movement. It is easy to operate without aiming at the cursor. With edge protection, there is no need to worry about the mouse dropping, giving you a new and good experience.

【Timer Adjustable】Starviky twin turntables mechanical mouse mover has both a switch button ON/OFF and a button to adjust the interval time.No needed software, Plug in the power supply and press the ON/OFF button to start. To adjust the rotation interval, please press the “+” or ”-” buttons on the side to adjust the interval between 5-90 seconds as needed, and each press can adjust for 5 seconds.

【Tranquil & 100% Undetectable】Starviky dual turntable undetectable mouse jiggler adopts the principle of pure physics to automatically simulate the process when using a mouse. Because of the twin turntables, it makes a fully random trajectory. Quiet and noiseless during use,100% undetectable mouse mover device!

【Tremendous Compatible】Starviky dual turntable undetectable mouse jiggler pad is applied to wireless mice and wired mice, almost all optical mice.

【ISO Safety Certificate】We guarantee absolute security of this physical mouse jiggler pad with ISO27001: 2013 Information Security Certified/Certification. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us and we will reach you at the soonest. We provide a 3-year warranty-free replacement policy. What we care about most is the customer experience

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