Ecofresh bathroom smart toilet seat cover electronic bidet clean dry seat heating wc gold intelligent led light toilet seat


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Common functions and difference of model 1, model 2 and model 3

1. Four models all have these functions:
hip wash, female wash, moving wash (massage), warm air drying, water temperature adjustment, drying temperature adjustment, seat temperature adjustment, water pressure adjustment, nozzle position adjustment, night light, and so on.
2. Difference:
1). model 1and model 2, model 4 are with single stainless steel nozzle. Model 3 has choice of double stainless steel nozzles and double pvc nozzle.
2). model 2 is with LCD display, but with single nozzles.
2). model 3 is with double nozzles (adding silver ion to sterilization) and LCD display, bubble washing, ceramics rod heating, temperature is more stable and washing is more comfortable.
3) model 3 has “One Key to Auto” mode and “Child Mode”, “Female Mode”, it is more convenient for child, woman, the old.
4). model 4 has function of automatical opening and closing cover and seat. model 1, 2,3 haven’t this function.
3. all models fit U-shape toilet, not only ground installed toilet, but also wall-mounted toilet.
4.. model 3 we gift 1 filter.
5. Model 1,Model 2 and Model 4, which are shipped from China can customize can customize models with 110V and 220v-240v, and with different plug.Pipe length can be extended, if you need, please contact us.

Model 1 show

1. with single nozzle, without LCD display

Model 2

1. LCD display.
2. Colorful Smart Knob.

Size of model 1 and model 2

Model 3 show

1. With double nozzles

Model 4 show

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