Newest Youpin DAEWOO Handheld Iron Electric Ironing Machine Portable Travel Dry Wet Double Use mite Removal 7 Holes For Steam

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Exquisite ironing. Walk into your home

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Eight upgrade advantages

2022 Upgrade flagship Xiaoxingdou hanging ironing machine

Luxury and beautiful things Appearances out of circle

Professional Nursing Strength out of circle

Micro pressure increasing steam technology Strong penetration of instantaneous fold

Built in dual core micro supercharging heating system, 1200W high power continuous
Output strong steam, penetrate deeply into the fabric of clothes, and flatten immediately after ironing

Fine molecular dry steam Iron and wear wet clothes

Dual core micro pressurization atomizes steam into a dense and delicate
Dry steam, with triple anti drip system,
No condensation, no water spray, and you can iron and wear it as soon as you iron it.

Triple anti drip system No condensation, no water spraying

35s fast preheating Warm up time increased by 41%

35S preheating, shaped steam support, fast and smooth clothes

Upgrade shaped ring design Wrinkle removal and shaping in one step

Upgrade the panel of shaped charge ring with steam guide groove,

Gather steam to lock steam temperature for a long time, which is more conducive to large area

Soften wrinkles, quickly smooth clothes,

Ceramic oil smooth large panel Greatly improve ironing efficiency

Smooth large panel, one shirt can be quickly ironed two times, and high-quality ceramic oil coating can prevent scratches without snagging, so you can take good care of your clothes

Dry perm Can [steam scald]

Press and shape at 140 ° C under dry ironing condition, with constant temperature care
Clothing fiber; Two gear steam mode, delicate protective clothing
No season

Suitable for various fabrics Revitalize Four Seasons Clothing [Vitality]

Deep sterilization and acarid removal is a clothes disinfector

High temperature steam disinfects clothes, strongly disinfects and removes mites, dispels odor, and ensures cleanliness of clothes, adding a safety line of defense for family health

Intelligent cleaning mode Refuse heating element to store scale

After preheating, press and hold the first and second gear steam buttons for 3 seconds to start the cleaning mode, and conduct regular self-cleaning to better improve the ironing effect.

1 00ml large water tank 6 pieces of clothes can be ironed at a time

1 ° slight tilt [beauty tip] No leakage of small wrinkles

The front end of the ironing plate is slightly tilted by 1 °, and the collar and buttons are precisely ironed
Parts that are difficult to burn, quickly press to avoid secondary wrinkles

Open handle Easy conversion of flat ironing/hanging ironing

The handle can be opened easily without unlocking,
Quickly realize free adjustment of ironing angle

12 minute automatic power-off Full of security

Automatic power-off and power-off for 12 minutes without key operation in any mode

Double overtemperature protection, all-round protection of electricity safety

Every detail It’s all about quality experience

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DAEWOO Handheld Iron


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